Trail Tracks Panoramic Hiking Maps
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Trail Tracks Hiking Maps are full color aerial panoramic terrain views with hiking trails color-keyed according to degree of difficulty. These water and tear-resistant maps enable hikers to visualize trails from trailhead to destination including changes in topography, vegetation, and trail connections. The maps are available in three formats: folded maps for one’s pack, or flat and flat/laminated maps for hanging on the wall. They are helpful in planning and completing day hikes and backpack trips.
The reverse side of each map provides reference data for each trail including distance, elevation gains, and ecosystems encountered (streams, waterfalls, summits, passes, wildflower timing). Additional information is provided on wildlife, general safety, weather precautions, regulations and permit requirements. Hikers and backpackers will find Trail Tracks Hiking Maps to be a welcome resource for their outdoor experiences.

Front of the Rocky Mountain National Park map
Front of the Rocky Mountain National Park map

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